Book of Poems

Biding time, reading off these lines from my book of poems
sitting in a blur with a corner on a world that's impossible to show 'em
there are no surprises here and you know it

I jumped into a burn, so cautious and concerned, you watch me go and hold a rescue rope
you've always had that smile i've missed for quite awhile, you've seen the way I lose my reasoning
i just ran out of pretty, pretty things to say
when you're here the shadows fade

innocence and ocean tide
look your trouble in the eyes

great northern lights, in seven quarter time wrapped in reverence and silver ribbon
shining like a star, hanging in the sky back in corners where you never see em
we're back to where we started

i need awhile to catch my thoughts
kangaroos and polka dots

you used to be so small
ever o so skeptical
that's not who you are
I hoisted you over
and now you'll see
the morning

can you find the secrets of this life


from Library Card, Vol. I, Vol. II & Vol. III, released February 25, 2013
Produced by Travis Oberg & Daniel La Point. Recorded at Promised Land Studios, Santa Cruz CA and Hume Lake Studios, Hume CA by Michael Felix and Daniel La Point. Trombone by Travis Oberg, Flute by Olivia Frise, Violins by Mel Woodall, Addtl. Vocals by Rae Albright, Percussion by Ben Vanderplos. Mixed by Stephen Sherrard.



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Travis Oberg Santa Cruz, California

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