Red & Gold

I had a dog his name was blue
betcha five dollars he's a good dog too
nine pound hammer and a ten penny nail
took another nickel to the wishing well

heard a freight train far away
howling at the moon
autumn leaves were all on fire
wind was cold

the open sky was falling in
all the trees were naked
cats in the garden, sheep in the pen
church bells ringing

house is empty, the barn is cold
i threw the doors off the hinges
wandered north like an ol' coyote
out to the wild blue yonder

All is fair in love and war
I took the long way home last night
All the money's gone again
all the moneys gone, money's gone

red and gold
red and gold
walk on down that road

if i had a horse i'd name her sal
ride in the morning all around my town
just about suppertime back at the stable
gather all my friends round the kitchen table

we'd sing those tired ol gospel songs
sing about love, sing about loss
a log on the fire, the kettle on the stove
telling our stories winding like the old crow

there's an old man looks just like me
living in a deep green valley
if he clap's his hands you can hear the echo
to when i was ten years old
when i was ten years old..

red and gold
red and gold
walk on down that road


from Library Card, Vol. I, Vol. II & Vol. III, released February 25, 2013
Produced by Travis Oberg & Dave Matsumura.
Recorded live by Sean Farrington at Studio W in Sacramento, CA. Mixed by Joshua Montoya.



all rights reserved


Travis Oberg Santa Cruz, California

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