Fiction-Zuni legend of a boy who finds an eagle and flies over the mountain to the land of the eagles.


The Eagle and the Boy

in the shadow of the sun
an eagle feather fell
fell toward the earth
from an eagle wing
the eagle was
the mother of the egg

in the shadow of the sun

the snake was sinister
looking for the egg
to swallow with his mouth
mouth and forked tongue
the eagle caught the snake
the snake was in her claws
her claws killed the snake
the snake the eagle ate

in the shadow of the sun

on the ancient ground
an eagle feather fell
landed on a stone
was found there by a boy
walking by moon
the moon that rose so full
that day in late september

the five brothers came together with a plan
to kill the bird their brother had
the eagle knew, the eagle had to fly away
she had to go to escape the brothers evil ways
she told the boy his brothers had an evil plan
the boy was very, very sad

in the shadow of the sun
in the shadow of the sun

boy pleaded with the bird
to let him go with her
to fly over the mountain
escape on eagle's wing
so eagle stretched her wings
boy climbed on her back
eagle with the boy
rose up on the wind
never to return
the eagle with the boy
flew up past the moon
landed in the grass
there the eagle changed
into a princess


from Library Card, Vol. I, Vol. II & Vol. III, released February 25, 2013
Produced by Travis Oberg and Luke David Wiget at Perelandra Sound, now based in Brooklyn, New York. Drums by Jonathan Sondreal, guitars and keys by Travis Oberg and Luke Wiget, trombone by Travis Oberg. Vocals captured by Steve Verity in Scotts Valley, CA.



all rights reserved


Travis Oberg Santa Cruz, California

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