Poetry-Based on a true story as told by Steven Penner, who authored the poem "Nancy".


The Summer of 1970

In the summer of 1970
you and your brother drove out to Kansas
Running on half a tank of gasoline
you got lost in the big rock candy mountains

so down along the riverside
where you parked the car
and talked all night
that's when you told him you were scared
and ran your fingers through your long dark hair

tiny bubbles on the river
passing in the night
something cold made you shiver
and you swore you'd never love again

at twilight around 5:15
you both walked a mile to the station
to buy gasoline and one last pack of cigarettes
and a fashion magazine
then your brother drove while you were fast asleep

you could climb the highest mountain
swim across the deepest ocean
make your bed down in the canyon
lose yourself

still I chase you like a lover
call an army out to fetch you
every mountain stream
runs into the sea

life is like a vapor
life is like a rising sun


from Library Card, Vol. I, Vol. II & Vol. III, released February 25, 2013
Produced by Travis Oberg & Daniel La Point. Recorded by Daniel La Point at Hume Lake Studios, Hume CA. Violins by Vanessa Kunz.



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Travis Oberg Santa Cruz, California

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